TFTT Exclusive with Former WWE Woman’s Champion Leilani Kai Part 2

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I am so proud and honored to have a very very special guest.  One of the greatest female wrestlers of all time.  She was big in the 80’s.  Former WWE Woman’s Champion and Woman’s tag team champion with the famous tag team The Glamour Girls managed by the Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart.  She was part of the Rock and Wrestling era.  She is still active today.  The one, the only Leilani Kai.  Welcome to Tales from the Turnbuckle for Part 2, the final part of our interview!


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TFTT: What where your thoughts of Randy Savage, working on the same shows with him  in the 80’s?

        LK:  Randy and I were good friends. I stayed at his parents house many times. His dad would tell us storys and his mom would cook. Id go to Randy alot to show me moves and help me put matches together. 


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TFTT: How was Jimmy Hart as a manager?

         LK:  Jimmy was spot on. He would manage us inside and outside of the ring. He kept a eye on what we did and what we ate.


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TFTT: Who’s idea was it to team you with Judy Martin and die your blonde and become the Glamour Girls?

        LK: Judy and I had talked about doing something togeher. She, myself and Jimmy Hart were at the pool talking about it. We told him what we wanted to do, something different and we wanted to bring the Japanese girls over. He proceeded to say, ” Die your hair bloonde, wear gold and black and you can be Jimmy Harts Glamour Girls. “


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TFTT: Did the Glamour Girls win their first wwe tag championship in Egypt?

         LK:  I believe we won them in Winston Salem, NC. 


TFTT: I loved the series of matches the Glamour Girls had with the Jumping Bomb Angels. That was woman’s wrestling at its best. Classic great matches.  What are your thoughts on the Jumping Bomb Angels and working with them?

        LK:  They we’re some of the hardest working girls. We had intense, competitive matches that I think bought the best out in everyone.


Glamour Girls vs Jumping Bomb Angels


TFTT: What was the story on Pat Patterson and WWE wanting you and judy to drop the tag team championships?

       LK: Pat never wanted us to drop the belts. Moohlah wasnt happy that WWE was booking us directly and not threw her anymore. She called Japan, told Judy on the phone that the office said to drop the belts. We were actually over there practicing for WrestleMania. Pat called after we had dropped them and he was upset. He said the office didnt order that and we had just messed up.





TFTT: Describe your time teaming with Judy Martin in the Ladies Professional Wrestling Alliance (LPWA)?

        LK:  One of the best times I ever had. We would go to Las Vegas every month to tape. Bert Prentice was bought in as our manager and we all got along and had so much fun.




TFTT:  WWE brought you back at WrestleMania 10 to challenge Alundra Blaze for the womans championship. What are your thoughts on your match with Alundra?

       LK: I wish that I could have had more time. My goal was to showcase Alundra as the world champion. I was privledged to be in that position and ill always be thankful to the McMahon family for that.


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TFTT:  Did you ever interact with Luna Vachon or Mae Young?

       LK: Luna started out at Moolahs and then she kinda went out on her own and ran her own shows for awhile. Luna was a very sweet person. Mae Young I only talked to one time. I went to visit Judy in SC and she took me to Mae’s house.She was a very interesting woman.


TFTT: What where your thoughts on GLOW?

        LK:  Very original for its time. Highly entertaining. It was the first all womens show.


TFTT:  I watched your matches on youtube with Chigusa Nagayo. Tremendous matches you had with her. What where your thoughts on working her and defeating her for the All Japan’s womans championship?

        LK: That was a great honor. She taught me quite a bit. I started changing my style after working with her. Those were some of my favorite matches. They liked the idea of me bringing the belt to the states.


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TFTT: How did you like your time working in All Japan?

       LK:  I loved it. After my first trip there, i knew that was my calling. I wanted to go back as much as possible. I did 48 tours. 


TFTT: Did you work with Bull Nakano and your thoughts on Bull Nakano?

        LK: Bull was tremendous. We didnt work together but trained together.


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TFTT: You came to WCW and again had a couple matches with Madusa. How where your wcw matches with Madusa?

        LK: They were fun. It was nice to be in the ring with her again. 


TFTT: What are your thoughts on Vince Russo?

        LK:  Vince is ok. We had our little episode at WCW. But that was along time ago. Were friends on twitter now.


TFTT: How was your time working for the NWA and winning the NWA Championship?

          LK: It was a amazing feeling being back in the NWA were I started. I was thrilled that they chose me as their champion.


TFTT:  Do you still wrestle the indie leagues yet or are you more of a trainer now?

         LK: I work mostly with Shine wrestling. I still do alot of training, signings, seminar’s. I stay pretty busy.


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TFTT: Are you all about ring psychology and helping talent get over?

          LK: I’m all about the sport of professional wrestling. I always have been and always will be. The business has changed and grew alot and ill always support the advancement of it.





TFTT:  Do you eve watch TNA and WWE and if so, who are some of the woman wrestlers that you like?

         LK:  I support all the ladies that get in the ring. No matter which company they work for, I respect all theyre hard work.


TFTT:  I heard in your time outside of the ring, that you enjoy deep sea fishing, riding motorcycles, and hunting wild boar.  Is wild boar hunting alot of fun?

        LK: Yes, its been some time since I went though. I grew up on a ranch and alot of the ranch hands would boar hunt and I would go with them.


TFTT:  Are you good with nunchucks?

        LK:  I learned how to do them during my time in the dojo. The Japanese promoters wanted each girl to learn a weapon.


TFTT: Is there anything else you want to discuss or promote on our site?

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