TFTT Exclusive with Newest NXT Signee, the first Vietnamese WWE wrestler, Bu Ku Dao

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Today we have a very special guest on Tales from the Turnbuckle.  He is one of the best indie wrestlers in the world today.  Great talent.  WWE has just picked him up for NXT.  The first ever Vietnamese Wrestler to enter WWE NXT. Please welcome The Situ-Asian Bu Ku Dao.  Thanks for being our guest today during WrestleMania Weekend:


Bu Du Kao main



TFTT: How was it like growing up in Vietnam and what made you want to become a pro wrestler?

      BKD: It was very hard. But, it molded me into the person I am today and was one of the main reasons I wanted to become a pro wrestler. Not many or any Vietnamese wrestlers.


Bu Ku Dao5



TFTT:  Who were some of your favorite wrestlers to watch that inspired you?

      BKD: I was inspired most by the big guys; Ultimate Warrior, Regal, Triple H. Then I realized I wasn’t going to be able to wrestle like them because of my size.




TFTT:  Who trained you?

       BDK: I was trained and still train under The “Southern Stomper” & “Huge F*cking Arms” Luke Hawx at WildKat Sports & Entertainment in N’awleans, LA!


Luke Hawx



TFTT:  What is your diet and workout routine like because you have a great built?

       BDK:  I eat mainly pho and protein shakes, protein brownies, protein, protein, & pho king protein…over carbs. Unless they’re good complex carbs; Then I’ll eat that until I’m full. I don’t count calories….I just like eating ’em.


Bu Ku Dao2



TFTT:  Who and where was your first indie pro wrestling match?

       BDK: At WildKat Sports against Matt Lancie & Chris Harper in a tag team match at the Hanger in New Orleans, LA.


TFTT: What does your nickname, The Situ-Asian mean?

       BDK: Means no matter what situation I’m put in…..I always figure a pho King way out!!


TFTT: Who has been your toughest opponent so far?

       BDK: I am my toughest pho king opponent. I hate looking at mirrors because my own reflection pisses me off. Luckily, there’s always a toilet near every mirror I’m usually in front of and the pee goes in there instead of everywhere.


Bu Ku Dao4



TFTT: What do you feel has been your greatest match?

       BDK: I feel like my next opponent is always my greatest match because I’m living in that moment and moving forward. I don’t look past my next opponent until I’m past them; My greatest match will always be my next.


TFTT: How’s it like working for Wildkat Wrestling?

       BDK: I love it. WildKat Sports is the number one promotion in the South at the moment and soon it will be all over the U.S! I have a great feeling about these words; I trust my gut and I know it’ll happen!! Give WildKat Sports a couple more years and it’ll be the BEST wrestling promotion in the World. No doubt!!


Bu Ku Dao7



TFTT: What are some other wrestling promotions you have worked for?

       BDK: Numerous, I can’t recall right now. I should really start writing my matches down afterwards because my memory isn’t the best. (Laughs) But I’ve been around, I’m on the YouTube pho sho!!


TFTT: Have you won any championships?

      BDK: WildKat Sports’ Revolution Championship and Most Handsome Son in the World (Thanks MOM!!)!!


TFTT: When was your WWE Tryout and were you shocked and excited to hear that you got accepted to WWE?



TFTT: How do you feel to be the first Vietnamese Wrestler to sign with WWE?

      BDK: IT feels pho King GREAT!! Words can’t describe it…..or I can’t find the right words to describe the feeling. It’s positive pho sho!!!!


TFTT: You post alot of pics online about Pho.  Is Pho one of your favorite dishes to eat and what othe foods do you like as well?

     BDK: Pho is number one. Just like Bu Ku Dao and WildKat Sports & Entertainment is number one……well pho was number thirty-six on my menu when we owned a restaurant, but now it’s number pho King ONE!!

TFTT: Are you a fan of NXT, and who in NXT would you like to work with when you start?

       BDK: I’mma HUGE PHO KING PHAN!! I wanna work with everyone….I’m a very open minded person and enjoy change and being uncomfortable. Awkward Situ-Asian is my unofficial middle name!!


TFTT: Who would your dream match be against in WWE?

      BDK: The “Southern Stomper” Luke Hawx. My trainer.


TFTT: Not to many people know you already worked a match with WWE, a squash match against the Ascension.  How was it like working with The Ascension?

     BDK: It hurt. I was HIGH AS PHO!! WOW!! Those guys are pho King tough. I don’t wear hats often, but if I’m did…….I’d tip my hat off to them. Every. Single. Time.


Bu Du Kao vs Ascension



TFTT: What is a Horizon Award and how did it feel being the 2014 Horizon Award Winner?

       BDK: It’s awarded to the best and brightest Southern wrestler every year by the Gulf Coast Wrestling Club. It was a huge honor and I felt humbled because it was first introduced by WWE LEGEND, Paul Bearer. His son presented me the award. It’s still very humbling because of the previous wrestlers winners were guys I liked up to. Like Steve Anthony. One of the pho king best in the business, maybe THE BEST right now!!


Paul Bearer



TFTT:  Is there anything else you would like to talk about and promote?

     BDK:  WildKat Sports’ “May MADDNESS” on Saturday, May 28th in Metairie, LA!! Watch WildKat Sports on YouTube!! Follow me on social media @BuKuDaoOrDie on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, MySpace, Asian Avenue, and AOL instant message me at:
WhyyBuuWhyy or HotBoi22504xGotRice!! Visit: and follow @wildkatsports on social media, ya heard!!


TFTT: Thank you for the interview and good luck with NXT.

       BDK: Thanks for interviewing me and sorry for the wait!! Seriously, I’m a pho king procrastinator. Have a great life my friends!! One love.


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