TFTT Exclusive with The Von Erich Legacy, Ross and Marshall Von Erich, sons of Kevin Von Erich!

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Im very proud and honored today to have 2 very special guests on Tales From The Turnbuckle. These two young men are part of a great legacy. A dynasty.  You cant go to Texas without hearing the name Von Erich. The Von Erich’s were a huge part of Texas and what made Texas Wrestling so popular.  WCCW was an amazing wrestling promotion that had really good matches.  It featured the likes of One Man Gang, Abdullah The Butcher, Kamala, The Great Kabuki, The Fabulous FreeBirds, Ric Flair, The Von Erichs, etc.  Kerry Von Erich had a large female audience that was in love with him. He had a superman built and later got signed to WWE.  Kevin Von Erich was an amazing athlete and their feud with the FreeBirds will go down in history as one of the best ever. Kevin Von Erich’s sons Ross and Marshall are making a new for themselves.   They have formed an amazing tag team.  They wrestle all over the world, all different promotions.  They even had a brief stint in TNA Wrestling and had quite a few matches in Japan. Hopefully these two young amazing athletes will appear on WWE TV soon.  Welcome Ross and Marshall Von Erich:


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TFTT: Besides your dad, Kevin Von Erich, did anyone else train you?

    Marshall:  Harley Race and Maru Fuji (Noah)

    Ross:  Harley Race and Maru Fuji (Noah)


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TFTT:  How was training at the Japanese Dojo like?

    Marshall:  Intense and more different then anything I’ve ever done before. 

    Ross:  Very hard. Alot of squats, push ups, and working out while taking bumps. Unlike anything else. 


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TFTT:  Where was your debut match at and who was it against?

   Marshall: Sudan, Kansas. Against Brian Breaker and Jason Jones. 

   Ross:  Sudan, Kansas. Against Brian Breaker and Jason Jones. 


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TFTT:  How does it feel coming from an Amazing family of Wrestling, The Von Erich Family?

   Marshall:  A blessing. It’s the only feeling I’ve ever known. 

   Ross:  I really don’t know anything else. It feels great. 


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TFTT: What do you think about the recent documentary done about your family?

   Marshall:  Well done but very short.

   Ross:  For the length it was, they did a great job. 


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TFTT: What was it like wrestling in Japan?

   Marshall:  It gave me a whole new respect for the business. I love Japanese style wrestling.

   Ross:  It was great, alot of fun, and alot of traveling. I remember checking into hotels late at night or early in the morning due to heavy travel. 


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TFTT:  Who has been your favorite match and favorite opponents?

   Marshall:  Either The Wolves (Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards) or TMDK (Shane Haste and Mikey Nichols). 

   Ross:  Against The Wolves.


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TFTT:  How was it like working with TNA Wrestling and Dixie Carter?

   Marshall:  It was a great experience. The best Father’s Day gift I could ever give my dad. And TNA made that possible. 

   Ross:  It was great. All of the guys were really cool and alot of fun. 



TFTT:  Your thoughts on your tag match in TNA against Jessie Godderz and Robbie E, The BroMans?

  Marshall:  We wrestled Jessie Godderz and DJ-Z. It was a very fun match. We learned alot from them. 

  Ross:  It was great. We had a blast doing it and it was cool seeing my dad get involved. 


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TFTT:  Are you hoping to get signed to NXT?

   Marshall and Ross:  No, not at this time as it isn’t a priority for us. 


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TFTT: Question just for Marshall. What made you decide to keep the tradition going that your dad did, wrestling barefoot?

   Marshall:  I really like the way it gives me balance in the ring. Wrestling barefoot gives me the ability to go at it a 100 percent.


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TFTT:  Question just for Ross. How was it like winning fitness and weight lifting competitions and being compared to your uncle Kerry Von Erich?

   Ross:  It felt great. Another incredible experience for me. Being compared to my uncle Kerry is quite a honor. 


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TFTT:  Thank you guys so much for taking the time out to talk to Tales From the Turnbuckle.  Good Luck with everything!!



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