There was a mix up, but it’s all good cause we LOOOOOOOVE YOOOUUU!

Sup compadres? Ani Monster here. I wanted to address something so all the little Turnbucklers out there can rest easy.

Recently, as some may be aware, another wrestling website, which out of respect I won’t be naming, accused Tales from the Turnbuckle of stealing site content, via their Twitter. Well folk’s, let’s all relax cause everything be all good. It was all a mix up and Tales has nothing but love for it’s brothers and sisters in the wrestling website biz!

After I personally spoke with one of the owners at said site, it was revealed that the entire situation was the result of a mix up in communication. Unknown to them, we had a writer on staff who recently began writing for them as well. They didn’t know this and naturally assumed we were stealing their writer’s work which obviously was not true.

They also thought we were robbing Indie results without permission as well. While one of the writers here at Tales did refer to their results a few times, it was only AFTER we were given permission by the same writer who worked for both sites (Who, to avoid further problems has decided to step down.). We at Tales assumed the other site knew he was already writing with us and that they gave their blessing for him to give his permission. After all, we at Tales welcome anyone who wishes to refer to the results we post as no one but the Wrestling organization that said results come from, own them.

That said, our assumption is entirely our fault as we should have double checked. Running a site isn’t an exact science and mistakes do occur. The important thing is that the issue was resolved.

The owner had this to say in response to the situation:

“(The Writer in question) has passed along this account as he said you’re the owner of Tales From The Turnbuckle. I was unaware of this partnership with him as he never told me, so I apologize for stating a fact that was untrue…”

As you can see, all is well. Before we move along I’d like to extend my own apology for any mix up and wish all well. At the end of the day, we’re here to have fun and enjoy a pile driver or two.

I’d also like to ask that in the future, any person, site, or otherwise that believes Tales has in some way done wrong, please contact us by either using the contact page on the site or by emailing me directly at

[email protected].

This is a much better and more professional solution than instantly going public. Assumptions hurt everyone. Plus ya know…there’s a reason the word starts with “Ass”.

I and my staff are more than happy to resolve any problem you may have. We aren’t looking to make enemies, only to share the love of this great form of entertainment.

Anyway, that’s enough drama.


I said that’s enough drama.


I said that’s enough damn drama! Grab yourselves a couple beer’s ya sumabitches and and enjoy some damn wrestling cause Austin 3:16 say’s so!!!