TNA Impact Spoilers for 05/31 and 06/07

The following was taped in Orlando for the 5/31 and 6/7 editions of TNA Impact Wrestling:


* Trevor Lee defeated Eddie Edwards, Andrew Everett and DJ Z in an Ultimate X Match to retain the X Division Title. The match had many high spots.

* Matt Hardy is in the ring. He is holding a contract from Jeff Hardy for a Full Metal Mayhem Match at Slammiversary which he has yet to sign. He gets interrupted by Tyrus and Rockstar Spud who are trying to talk him out of signing it. Matt makes an agreement with them. If they can beat Jeff Hardy in a Ladder Match, he will refuse to sign but if they lose, he is going to war with Jeff.

* EC3 defeated Matt Hardy by disqualification after interference from Mike Bennett. Bennett stands over EC3 after the match and tells him that because he didn’t defeat Matt Hardy, he won’t be getting his rematch at Slammiversary.

* Jeff Hardy defeated Tyrus and Rockstar Spud in a Ladder Match. A lot of action. Jeff winning means Full Metal Mayhem is on for Slammiversary. Jeff and Matt had a staredown afterwards.

* Sienna defeated Madison Rayne to earn a Knockouts Title shot at Slammiversary. Allie was ringside with Sienna.

* King of the Mountain Champion, Eli Drake is out to host “Fact of Life.” His guests are Decay, who will face the Bromans at Slammiversary. After the Decay has a few words, Bromans (with Raquel) come out. Decay wants the match now but Grado and Shera come out. They are also interrupted by the Tribunal of Al Snow, Basille Baracca and Baron Dax. This leads to an impromptu 8-man tag.

* Eli Drake, Abyss, Baron Dax and Basille Baracca defeated The Bromans, Grado and Mahabali Shera when Drake scored the pinfall.

* Matt Hardy is in the ring bragging about taking out Jeff backstage. Matt said that as a result, Full Metal Mayhem won’t be happening at Slammiversary. Drew Galloway interrupts and talks to Matt about him going insane. Matt wants a match between him and Galloway and Drew reminds him that they faced before. Galloway eventually accepts.

* Gail Kim and EC3 defeated Mike Bennett and Allie. Maria was originally supposed to be in this match but had her assistant, Allie substitute for her. She handed her a bag of wrestling attire and things started. Gail Kim won with a rollup. EC3 chased Mike Bennett to the back while Maria, Allie and Sienna attacked Gail. They attacked Gail’s ankle with a chair.

* Trevor Lee defeated Eddie Edwards to retain the X Division Title. There was tons of interference by Shane Helms and Andrew Everett.

* Braxton Sutter (Pepper Parks) defeated some unknown wrestler in a squash match with a modified version of the Skull Crushing Finale. After the match, Sutter was interviewed by Jeremy Borash. Sutter talked about being at Slammiversary and that he was in TNA to take over.

* Drew Galloway vs Matt Hardy ended in Disqualification after interference from Lashley. All of a sudden, the lights went out and Willow’s laugh can be heard throughout the IMPACT Zone. When the lights came back on, Matt looked on confused. Lights went out again and when they came on, a bunch of Willows were on stage with another on the video screen warning Matt of what’s to come at Slammiversary. Jeff Hardy ran down to the ring and attacked Matt, finishing him off with a Swanton Bomb.


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