TNA Impact Spoilers/Results: 05/10 and 05/17

TNA taped the following  Orlando for the 5/10 and 5/17 editions of Impact Wrestling:


Jeff Hardy came to the ring for a promo. He has an issue with Decay who comes out. Apparently Decay were paid to take out Jeff Hardy. In time, who paid them would be revealed. Decay go after Jeff but James Storm comes out for the save. He said that he and Jeff Hardy want to challenge for the tag team titles.

Decay defeated James Storm and Jeff Hardy when Hardy got pinned. At one point, the lights went out and when they came on, Willow appeared on the ramp distracting Hardy, which led to the pin.


Gail Kim vs Jade goes to a no contest when Sienna (formerly Allysin Kay) comes out and beats both of them down.

Al Snow comes out and cuts a promo about being the Trump of wrestling and building a wall around the business and decide who gets in. In a match, Mahabali Shera defeated Al Snow when Grado returned and stopped Al from using a weapon. Snow had cheated a few times earlier in the match.

Mike Bennett cut a promo on EC3. A match at Slammiversary was implied. Bennett called himself a future Hall of Famer. Tonight he wants to fight a current Hall of Famer in…Earl Hebner. Bennett ended up defeating Hebner.

-EC3 comes out and saves Earl from a further beat down until Tyrus comes out and attacks EC3. This sets up a Last Man Standing Match between the two.

EC3 defeated Tyrus in a Last Man Standing Match.

DJ Z and Eddie Edwards defeated Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett when DJ Z pinned Everett.

-Jeff Hardy came out to confront Willow. This leads to a match which Jeff Hardy won easily. Hardy goes to unmask him when two other Willow characters come out and beat down Jeff. The mastermind Willow is revealed as Matt Hardy. Matt looks to have more of a darker look with a beard.

Sienna defeated Velvet Sky. After the match, Velvet waved to the crowd as they chanted “Thank you Velvet.”

– Time for “Fact of Life” with Eli Drake. His guest is Bram. Eli Drake wants Bram to give him the King of the Mountain Title so he doesn’t have to use his briefcase. Bram and Eli run their mouths. Bram eventually attacks Eli before Eli runs away.

Lashley vs Drew Galloway for the World Title in a Lumberjack Match ended when one of the Lumberjacks pulled Drew out ending it in a disqualification.




Source: TNA Asylum