TNA Impact Wrestling Results: 03-22-16



TNA Impact Wrestling Results
March 22nd, 2016


Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Ethan Carter III and Mike Bennett In-Ring Promo:

Galloway thanks the crowd. Last week’s Impact was called one of the most chaotic shows in history. In the end of the night Galloway was standing tall with the TNA World Heavyweight Title. No matter what you think about wrestling or life, this is real Galloway is the TNA World Champion. Galloway says that he’s been called the chosen one for his entire life, but he’s never been handed anything in his career. In his 15 year career, Galloway has dealt with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Galloway says that it’s all been worth it because he’s the champion. Galloway wants everybody to look at Impact and his title differently. Galloway steals a phrase from JFK in “Don’t ask what the title can do for you, ask what you can do for the title.” Galloway is going to do everything he can to put TNA back on the map. Out comes Matt Hardy to interrupt Galloway. Hardy tells Galloway that he needs give him a break after Galloway said he can be the champion that people could be proud of. Hardy calls Galloway a gutless coward and a thief. What Galloway did to Hardy last week was flat out robbery.

Last week Hardy survived 30 minutes in the ring with the two greatest performers in TNA history. Hardy says that Galloway stoled his championship. Hardy should’ve called the cops. Galloway said that he met up with the cops and they started pouring down some beers. Galloway says that the future doesn’t belong to Matt Hardy it belongs to Drew Galloway. Hardy says that Galloway is not the moral compass of TNA, he is. Hardy says that he’s going to get his automatic title rematch tonight or the entire Matt Hardy Brand will destroy Galloway. Jeff Hardy comes out before Spud and Tyrus goes after Galloway. Jeff says that Matt lost last week and he’s the one that deserves the opportunity at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Galloway obliges, but Hardy tells him to stay out of this because this is family business. Hardy tells Jeff to get back on that stupid dirt bike and break the rest of his limbs. Jeff says that he and his creatures are not going anywhere until they get what they want.
Eric Young and Bram immediately attacks Jeff Hardy from behind. The Matt Hardy Brand Triple Teams Drew Galloway. Bram brings out a table from under the ring. Hardy tells Young to Spike Piledrive Galloway through the table. Out comes with EC3 with a steel chair and everybody exit’s the ring. EC3 says that there’s not going to be a punch party without him. EC3 says that Galloway deserves to be the champion, but he’s not the must deserving. EC3 says that he respect Galloway, but seeing the TNA World Title on his shoulders enrages EC3. EC3 tells Jeff to sit one out and request a opportunity at the championship. Out comes Mike Bennett. Bennett says that everything happens for a reason. Call it faith, karma, but just call it a Miracle. Bennett points out that he’s the last man who pinned Drew Galloway so he’s deserves the opportunity at the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Galloway tells everybody to shut up. Galloway says that he’s willing to fight everybody. Out comes Dixie Carter. Dixie announces that Eric Young, Bram, Tyrus, Rockstar Spud, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Ethan Carter III and The Miracle will compete in a Gauntlet Match. The winner will take on Drew Galloway for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

Beer Money Backstage Promo: 

 Beer Money go over their potential challengers in the Beer Money Tag Team Championship Invitational. LAX, Triple X, 3 Live Kru, Pacman Jones & Truth were the list of names that came up. Storm says that America Most Wanted can enter the fray. Roode informs Storm that he would have to compete for both teams in order for that to happen. Strom says that it would be awesome and Beer Money heads towards the ring.

Mike Bennett Backstage Interview: 

Jeremy Borash announces that the order of this gauntlet match will be determine via the spin of the wheel. Mike Bennett will be the first one here to spin the well. Bennett says that the energy you just saw out there was a miracle. Bennett said that he took a opportunity to make a name for himself when he went after EC3. Bennett gives Galloway props for taking advantage of that opportunity. Tonight he’s going to kill two bird with one stone. Bennett will fulfill his destiny to save TNA Wrestling and becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Maria hands over the entry number to Bennett and it’s unknown as to what number Bennet drew for this Gauntlet match as they walk away.

Robbie E Promo: 

Robbie says that it’s really cool that Beer Money is back. With the fact that old teams are putting aside their differences, Robbie has a crazy ideas running through his minds. Beer Money has a open challenge and Robbie says that BroMans accept Beer Money’s challenge.

Beer Money (c) vs. The BroMans for the TNA World Tag Team Championship 

Roode and Robbie E starts off the match. Roode with a side headlock. Roode drops Robbie E with a shoulder tackle. Robbie E regains momentum with a back elbow. Roode tags in Storm. Robbie kicks Roode in the chest. Robbie E tags in Jessie. Godderz and Storm locked up and there’s a clean break. Godderz drives Storm to the corner. Godderz sends Storm to the ring apron. Storm with a enziguri to Gooderz. Storm drops Godderz with a swinging neck breaker for a two count. Godderz with a power slam for a two count. Godderz tags in Robbie E. The BroMans with a double team running boot.

Robbie E with a flying crossbody for a two count. Godderz tags himself back in. Godderz with a modified T-Bone Suplex. Godderz applies pressure to the back of Storm’s neck. Godderz and Storm with a double clothesline. Roode and Robbie E are tagged in. Roode with a flying forearm to Robbie E. Roode with a neckbreaker to Godderz. Roode with a saito slam to Robbie E for a two count. Beer Money goes for the Beer Money Suplex, but Robbie E makes the save. The BroMans drop Roode with the Bro Attack for a two count. Gooderz with a right hand to Storm. Robbie E with the Boom Drop to Storm. Roode connects with a spine buster to Robbie E. Godderz gets Roode in a Boston Crab. Storm superkicks Godderz to break the submission hold. Beer Money with the DWI to Robbie E to pickup the victory.

Winner: Still TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money 

The Decay Backstage Promo: 

Abyss says that The Decay are never alone and are together for reasons nobody will ever seem to understand. Davey Richards got caught in the bear trap and he’s no more. Abyss says that Eddie Edwards is nothing either. Abyss challenges Eddie Edwards to a No DQ Match. Rosemary says that she can spit Edwards soul into the darkness. At the end of the day it will end in a Decay.

Eric Young Backstage Promo: 

Young tells JB to give him the microphone. What you are looking at is the king of professional wrestling. What you are looking at is god and the most dangerous man in professional wrestling. Young says that Bram knows his spot is to be his sidekick. Hardy learn the hard way, Galloway is going to learn something about greatness. Bram tells JB to spin the wheel. Young and Bram draw their numbers. Willow appears in the background and Young goes nuts.

Eddie Edwards vs. Crazy Steve in a No Disqualification Match 

Edwards immediately goes after Steve as The Decay make their entrance. Steve rolls Edwards back into the ring. Edwards with a springboard plancha to Steve. Edwards rolls Steve back into the ring. Edwards with a running dropkick fro a one count as Rosemary hops on the ring apron. Steve with a clothesline that sends Edwards over the top rope. Steve rolls a steel chair into the ring. Steve with a series of left hands to Edwards. Edwards with a back elbow. Steve rakes the ankles of Edwards. Steve with a cannonball to Edwards on the steel ring steps. Steve begins to choke Edwards.

Steve sends Edwards back first to the steel ring steps. Steve and Rosemary  roll six more chairs into the ring. Steve throws the steel chair to the back of Edwards. Steve sets up a steel chair in the middle of the ring. Edwards with knife edge chops to Steve. Steve with a drop toe hold that sends Edwards face first to the steel chair. Steve wedges a chair in between the top and middle ropes. Steve drops Edwards with a uppercut. Steve throws another chair to the back of Edwards. Steve wedges the rest of chair across the middle ropes of the six sided rings. Edwards sends Steve face first to multiple chairs place directly on the steel ring post. Edwards goes after Rosemary. Steve knocks Rosemary off the ring apron. Edwards with a school boy to Steve to pickup the victory.

Winner: Eddie Edwards 

Gail says that Maria is all talk, but no action? Gail forgets the fact that Maria pinned her last week. Maria says that she is what the first lady of professional wrestling is supposed to look like. Gail has been the face of the Knockouts Division for a decade, but her title reigns don’t mean anything. Maria says that the action she’s bringing is going to change the Knockouts Division forever.

Bobby Lashley & Dixie Carter Backstage Segment:

Dixie doesn’t want to hear it anymore. Lashley is lucky that he just got fine for what he did to Josh Mathews and The Pope last week. Dixie informs Lashley that he made alot of enemies in a very short time, but if he wants this you got it. Dixie doesn’t clarify what she’s granting Lashley. Lashley says that they don’t want any of this and he walks away.

Jeff Hardy & Ethan Carter III Backstage Promo: 

Jeff says that he’s sick and tired of people sticking their noises in his world title matches. First it was brother, then it was Eric Young. EC3 comes in and says that he hopes that Bennett is happy. EC3 says that Bennett will not make a name for himself in EC3’s expense.

Maria says that when she acts, things change. She loves wrestling, is the first lady of wrestling, but if she faces and beats Gail again nothing will change. She spoke with management, and asked for something. She brings out the Dollhouse. Maria says she sees so much potential in them, and says they are beautiful and powerful. They have had too many leaders, but it always failed, because they did not have a leader like her. She wants them to be unique individuals, and tells them to break up the Dollhouse and become women. Marti is not impressed by this and calls her out. Maria tells them to respect her, and what she has done. She says she went to management and is giving her title shot to one of them. So they will have to kill the Dollhouse and fight, because the winner receives her title shot and she will lead them to become stars.

Marti Bell vs. Jade vs. Rebel in a Triple Threat Match to Determine The Number One Contender to the TNA Knockouts Championship 

Maria joins Josh and The Pope on commentary. The Dollhouse begin to argue in the ring. Jade and Bell shoves Rebel away. Jade and Bell drops Rebel with a double clothesline. Bell stomps on Rebel’s chest in the corner. Jade with a running knee to Rebel in the corner. Bell and Jade go for the pin and things breakdown between them. Rebel with forearms to Jade and Bell. Jade and Bell exchange separate pins to Rebel. Jade and Bell get Rebel in a double team Boston Crab.

Rebel with a double clothesline to Jade and Bell. Rebel with flying crossbody for a two count. Rebel drops Bell with a back breaker. Rebel connects with a roundhouse kick to Jade. Bell with a side russian leg sweep fro a two count. Bell sends Jade to the corner. Jade with a running boot to Rebel in the corner. Jade with a snap mare and kicks Rebel in the back. Jade with a running boot for a two count. Jade with a chin lock. Jade with the Gut Wrench Suplex for a two count. Rebel with forearms to Jade. Bell connects with the Tower of Doom. Rebel rolls Bell up for a two count. Jade with a dropkick to Rebel. Jade drops Rebel with the STO. Jade connects with another STO on top of Rebel to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jade 

Matt Hardy Backstage Promo: 

Matt says he can’t believe the conspiracy against him, and he sees that Borash is part of the conspiracy.  He draws his number for the Gauntlet and looks pissed, Tyrus draws his and doesn’t look any happier, and Spud draws his and looks pretty happy, so Matt snatches Spud’s number and gloats about the terrific number he got.

Grado & Mahabali Shera Backstage Segment: 

Grado is planning a celebration party for next week.  Shera asks if Odarg is going to be there because Odarg owes him fifty dollars, and Grado says Odarg owes him money too, but that’s okay because we’re going to have a great party next week.

Drew Galloway & Bobby Lashley In-Ring Segment: 

Galloway says that there has been too much talking, and says there will be more action because the gauntlet is about to begin. Lashley then makes his way out to the ring and laughs at Josh and Pope. Lashley gets in the mic and congratulates Galloway on being the new champion. Lashley says he doesn’t need to tell Galloway how bad he is, because he can ask Angle or the little bitch Pope, Lashley then says he will be taking the title. Galloway has no respect for Lashley, and he asked to be in the gauntlet tonight, which means Galloway can just hand over the title. Galloway says it is time to fight.

Ethan Carter III vs. Bram vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Tyrus vs. Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young vs. Mike Bennett to determine the Number One Contender to the TNA World Heavyweight Championship 

EC3 and Lashley starts off the match. Lashley drives EC3 to the corner. Lashley with a side headlock. Lashley drops EC3 with a shoulder tackle. EC3 with a side headlock. Lashley sends EC3 face first down to the mat. EC3 with a series of right hands to Lashley in the corner. Lashley with a leapfrog. EC3 drops Lashley with a flying shoulder tackle. EC3 with the EC3 Splash in the corner. EC3 goes for a suplex, but out comes Rockstar Spud. Lashley suplex’s EC3. EC3 sends Lashley shoulder first to the steel ring post. EC3 with multiple right hands to Spud. EC3 chops Spud in the chest. Lashley attacks EC3 from behind. Lashley drops EC3 with a suplex. Spud stomps on EC3 chest in the corner. Lashley with a series of right hands to EC3. Lashley shoves his boot downs EC3 throat. Spud applies a nerve hold to EC3. Mike Bennett comes out. EC3 immediately goes after Bennett. Bennett, Spud and Lashley begin to triple team EC3. Bennett rakes the eyes of EC3. Lashley with forearms to the back of EC3’s head. Spud slaps EC3 in the face. EC3 with a series of right hands to Bennett in the corner. Lashley drops EC3 with a clothesline. Spud chokes EC3.

Eric Young comes out. Bennett with a boot to the chest of EC3. Young stomps on Spud’s chest in the corner. Young puts Bennett on the top rope. Bennett rakes the eyes of Young. EC3 with back elbows to Spud and Lashley. EC3 is trying to eliminate Spud. Spud with a flying dropkick off the top rope. Lashley presses EC3 on his shoulders. EC3 holds onto the top rope. Tyrus is our next entrant. EC3 launches Spud to the outside and Spud is eliminated. EC3 stomps on Lashley’s chest in the corner. Coming out of the break Bram and Young are double teaming Lashley. Lashley with a double clothesline to Young and Bram. Lashley with a big spear to Bennett. Lashley spears Tyrus and tosses him over the top rope. Tyrus is now eliminated. Bram and Young double team Lashley. Bram with a big knee that sends Young over the top rope. Young is now eliminated. Lashley launches Bram over the top rope. Bram is now eliminated. The Pope comes in and attacks Lashley. EC3 with a clothesline that sends Lashley over the top rope. Lashley is now eliminated. The Pope with a flying forearm off the ring apron. Pope with a series of right hands to Lashley. Pope and Lashley begin to brawl to the back

Matt Hardy is our next entrant. EC3 stomps on Hardy’s chest. Hardy with a series of forearms to EC3 in the corner. Bennett stomps on EC3’s chest in the corner. Hardy with a corner clothesline. Hardy with the running bulldog. Bennett drops EC3 with a dropkick. Hardy with a Side Effect to EC3. Bennett with a big boot to EC3. Jeff Hardy is our final entrant. Jeff with a series of right hands to Matt and Bennett. Hardy chop blocks Jeff. Matt drops Jeff with a neck breaker. EC3 with double clothesline to Hardy and Bennett. Bennett drops EC3 with a Ace Crusher. EC3 lowers the top rope and Bennett is sent to the outside. Bennett is now eliminated. Bennett helps Matt Hardy to eliminate EC3. Matt and Jeff exchange back and forth right hands. Jeff with a back elbow to Matt. Jeff knocks Matt off the top rope. Matt with multiple running leg drops to Jeff. Matt goes to eliminate Jeff, but he holds onto the top rope. Jeff kicks Matt in the midsection. Matt drops Jeff with a Side Effect. Matt with a sleeper hold. Jeff with a jawbreaker to Matt. Jeff drops Matt with a dropkick. Jeff sends Matt over the top rope, but Matt holds onto the ring apron. Matt goes to suplex Jeff. Matt with the poke to the eye of Jeff. Matt connects with the Twist of Fate. Matt goes to send Jeff over the top rope, but Jeff holds on. Matt goes for the IEDDT, but Jeff counters with a back body drop that sends Matt to the outside to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jeff Hardy