TNA Impact Wrestling Results: 03-29-16




EC3 vs Team Hardy

Tyrus and Spud beat up Carter for a few minutes. Matt took some cheap shots. Then Mike Bennett got involved. The match is done.

Winner: No contest

They all attack Carter until Beer Money run down. Beer Money claim they want a fight. They challenge Team Hardy to a six man fight.

Beer Money and Carter vs. Matt Hardy, Mike Bennett and Brodus Clay

Hardy won with the twist of fate on Bobby Roode for the win. Tyrus gave him the heart punch first to soften him up for the pin. Carter chased Bennett and Maria to back early on.

Winner: Matt Hardy, Mike Bennett and Brodus Clay

Jeremy Borash talks to Gail Kim. She expresses anger about not being able to fight Maria. Eli Drake complains in the locker room to the BroMans And tells them to leave TNA.

Madison Rayne vs. Velvet Sky

Madison won with the Jackknife pin. Madison and Velvet shows respect to each other after the match. Madison has new theme music now.

Winner: Madison Rayne

The Pope is in the ring. He defends Josh Matthews and trashes Lashley. Lashley appears. He trashes the commentators. He says he wants Pope to apologize for eliminating him from the gauntlet match last week. The pope says he has no regrets whatsoever…and he’ll fight Lashley. The two brawl and security tries to split them up. Security gets beaten up badly too. Lashley goes for the spear. The Pope throws him out of the ring. Jeremy Borash replaces Pope after this bit.

A video for The Decay airs. We get another Styles’ DVD commercial.

Matt Hardy does an interview. He complains about the company holding him back.

Eric Young and Bram appear and threaten Jeff Hardy again. Jesse Godderz and Robbie E show up and challenge them to a fight.

Eric Young and Bram vs. The BroMans
Godderz and Robbie E won with the BroDown after Young accidentally hit Bram. Those two keep having problems.

Winner: The BroMans

Al Snow bets up Grado and Sheera. Snow tells Grado he doesn’t belong here. Grado’s arm is broken now.

Shane Helms and Trevor Lee appear in the ring together. Helms says he wants to speak with Eddie Edwards, who promptly comes out. With Richards injured, Helms floats the idea of them teaming together. He gives Eddie a week to think about things.

The Pope challenges Bobby Lashley to a fight on next week’s Impact.

Drew Galloway vs. Jeff Hardy

Galloway retained the belt with the Future Shock DDT. Jeff’s Swanton attempt on the stairs was absolutely crazy and a possible highlight.  Matt Hardy appeared afterwards and vowed to take the WHC back. He said he would cash in his shot next week. Drew was happy to fight Matt then and there, but Young and Bram ran in and attacked Jeff Hardy. Galloway and Jeff fought them off. Jeff said he’d face Young in a Six Sides of Steel bout next week.

Winner: Drew Galloway