TNA Impact Wrestling Results: 04-05-16



TNA Impact Wrestling Results
April 5th, 2016


Eric Young comes to the ring for a Promo:

Young tells the TNA crowd to shut their stupid mouths. Young is going to take Hardy’s hillbilly neck to the top of the six sides of steel and piledrive it to his death. The creatures can chant all they want and Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he brings a table down to the ring.

Jeff Hardy vs. Eric Young w/Bram in a Six Sides of Steel Cage Match 

Hardy attacks Young and Bram before the bell rings. Bram and Young double team Hardy outside the cage at ringside. Bram rips open one of the mats and expose the concrete. Young goes for a piledriver, but Hardy counters with a back bodydrop. Bram sends Hardy face first to the steel. Hardy gets his revenge and sends Bram to the steel. Young rakes the eyes of Hardy. Bram grabs a table from one of the barricade and rolls it into the ring. Young throws a couple of steel chairs into the ring. Young sends Hardy face first to the steel. Young tosses Hardy back into the ring. The bell finally rings and Young taunts the crowd. Hardy with atomic drop to Young. Hardy with a dropkick that knocks Bram off the steel ring steps. Hardy drops Young with two basement dropkicks. Back from the break Hardy lands a elbow drop for a two count. Young with a boot to the gut of Hardy. Young sends Hardy face first to the steel.

Young puts chair in between the ropes. Hardy sends Young shoulder first to the steel chair in between the turnbuckles. Hardy goes for the pin, but Young kicks out at two. Hardy wedges the table in the corner. Hardy goes for a suplex, but Young stands still. Young sends Hardy face first to the top turnbuckle. Young chokes Hardy with the steel chair. Hardy with atomic drop and a double leg drop to Young. Hardy with a basement dropkick for a two count. Hardy kicks Young in the back. Hardy sets up four chairs sitting across from each other in the middle of the ring. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Young counters with a piledriver through the steel chairs for a two count. Young shows his frustration. Hardy climbs up the cage. Hardy with back elbows that sends Young crotch first to the top rope. Hardy goes for a piledriver, but Young gets back on his feet. Hardy drops Young with two Twist of Fates that sends Young laying flat on the table in the middle of the ring. Hardy ascends to the top of the cage. Hardy with a Swanton Bomb off the top the cage through the table to pickup the victory.

Winner: Jeff Hardy 


Dixie Carter, Gail Kim and Maria Kanellis Backstage Segment: 

Dixie tells Maria and Gail that it’s been a long time trying to get to the bottom of this. Maria says that open discussion will help Dixie become a great leader. Dixie says that we need to crown a number one contender  right way for the fans. Dixie asks Maria who in TNA Management did she talked to? Maria has no comment. Dixie ask Gail the same question. Dixie says that we don’t need to get into childhood games. Dixie informs Gail that she will defend her title tonight in a triple threat match against Jade and Madison Rayne. Gail says that she’s ok with that. Maria loves that idea. Dixie says that Maria’s mind games are being played out. Maria blames Gail for getting Dixie upset and she chases after her.

Jeff Hardy’s Promo:
Jeff says that he finally got his revenge on Eric Young. Jeff will be paying close attention to tonight’s World Title Main Event with Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway. Jeff tells the creatures to stay with him.

Matt Hardy & Drew Galloway In-Ring Promo: 

Before Jeremy Borash can introduce Drew Galloway, Hardy grabs the mic and says that Galloway is a con man and he doesn’t deserve to be the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Hardy introduces the man he will destroy tonight, Drew Galloway. Galloway thought he was going to have the last word, but that’s not the case because Matt Hardy never shuts his mouth. Hardy says that he’s not here to argue, he’s just stating facts. Galloway is holding Hardy’s property. Borash is going to give both men a opportunity to share some final words before their world title match. Hardy says that he looks like a champion, dress like a champion, married like a champion and he’s the example of success in the business. Hardy calls Galloway a flash in the pan. Hardy says that nobody in the business works harder then he does.

Galloway is a evil person because he has to use shortcuts to steal Hardy’s world championship. Hardy says that Galloway is going home alone while Hardy will be going home with his family and his world championship. Galloway has alot of passion. Galloway says that he doesn’t play a character on 24/7. Galloway says that he used to look up to Hardy in the past, but now he see’s a man who uses his wife and son as a prop for a television show. Hardy rips his brother and his creatures. Just because Galloway defeated benedict arnold doesn’t mean he can defeat Matt Hardy. Galloway says that Matt is not like his brother, people actually like him. Galloway says that when he defeats Hardy tonight, he’ll be one of the best wrestler’s in the world and the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Tyrus tells Galloway to look at him. Tyrus says that he’s been buying his time and he praises Galloway for cashing his briefcase. Tyrus reminds Galloway that he has a title shot and after hearing Galloway and Hardy talk tonight, maybe Tyrus will shock the world tonight.

Tyrus & Ethan Carter III Backstage Segment: 

EC3 didn’t see this coming from Tyrus. EC3 thought that Tyrus was going to make lateral move after lateral move. EC3 reminds Tyrus that he cost him the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Karma will be calling. Tyrus asks EC3 if he has a crystal ball. Tyrus tells EC3 that he hates him.

Bobby Lashley vs. The Pope in a Street Fight

Lashley jumps The Pope from behind. Lashley smashes Pope around ringside. He runs through him in the corner. Lashley with a delayed vertical suplex to Pope. Lashley claps at the fans and sets for the spear. The Pope sends Lashley shoulder first to the steel ring post. Pope throws a can into Lashley’s face. Pope hits Lashley with a steel chair to the back of his shoulder. Pope continues to the attack with a trash can lind and kendo stick. Pope drops Lashley with a side russian leg sweep. Pope continues to attack Lashley with the Kendo Stick. Pope ascends to the top rope with the kendo stick. Pope goes for a flying kendo stick shot off the top rope, but Lashley counters with a spear in midair to pickup the victory. After the match, Lashley drops Pope with another spear. EC3 comes out to help The Pope and Lashley heads to the back. Mike Bennett attacks EC3 from behind with a steel chair.

Winner: Bobby Lashley 


EC3 and Mike Bennett Promo:
EC3 says that if Bennett wants a fight, let’s fight. EC3 calls Bennett a EC3 rip off. Maria comes out. EC3 tells Maria to shut toots. EC3 says his political powers is stronger than Maria’s spiritual powers. EC3 tells Maria to go find her gutless husband Mike Bennett. Bennett comes out with a mic. Bennett tells EC3 that he’s nothing like him. Bennett sees people who make excuses for themselves and blame other people for their own issues. EC3 says that the only reason why Bennett is still existing because EC3 is allowing it. Bennett calls EC3 a sad pathetic bitch. Bennett says that everybody who knew left him. Bennett says that it’s all EC3’s fault and he needs to look in the fucking mirror. Bennett calls EC3 a failure. Bennett will become the next TNA World Heavyweight Championship while EC3 will become a loser. Bennett is willing to fight EC3, but the decision will be the same all the time. EC3 will make excuses, while Bennett is kicking his ass. EC3 makes fun of Bennett’s catchphrase. Bennett says that he will fight EC3 next week. EC3 chase Bennett to the parking lot. EC3 and Bennett get’s in a massive brawl in the backstage area.
Gail Kim (c) vs. Jade vs. Madison Rayne in a Triple Threat Match for the TNA Knockouts Championship

Gail and Madison exchange back and forth right hands to Jade. Jade with a boot the face of Madison. Madison with a rollup for a two count. Madison with a cradle roll up for a two count. Gail with a double clothesline to Madison and Jade. Jade with a german suplex to Gail. Madison and Jade exchange back and forth jabs. Jade and Madison knock each other with a double boot. Gail drops Madison and Jade with a double neck breaker. Gail with a hurricanrana to Jade. Jade with a suicide dive to Madison. Jade drops Gail with a back elbow. Jade presses Madison in the air and chokes her. Jade drops Madison with a dropkick. Gail goes for a flying crossbody, but Maria knocks Gail off the top rope. Jade with the STO to pickup the victory.

Winner: New TNA Knockouts Champion Jade 


Shane Helms, Eddie Edwards, Beer Money and The Decay In-Ring Promo:
Helms takes credit for Trevor’s win, and he calls out Wolves Nation Leader Eddie Edwards. Edwards says thanks for the time, and Helms says he’s spent his time all these years. Eddie says tagging would be an honor. Eddie says the problem is the title shot belongs to him and Davey Richards. Why would he want to be part of a Helms Dynasty when he can be part of a Nation? On behalf of Davey, the answer is no. Helms says if he isn’t with him, it’s through him. Beer Money comes out to prevent the attack on Eddie. Beer Money will line all the tag teams up and they will knock them all down. Out comes The Decay. Rosemary says that when you wish upon a dying star, it makes no difference who you are. You will Decay. Abyss promises this time they take the titles forever. Storm threatens them and all four go at it. Bobby Roode says that they will put the TNA World Tag Team Titles on the line next against all tag teams.
Tyrus & Rockstar Spud Backstage Segment: 

Spud approached Tyrus and said Tyrus is brilliant because he knows his plan is to win the match and then hand the title to Hardy. He tried to get him to sign a contract. Tyrus told him he appreciates Spud’s penmanship, but he’s no fool. Tyrus threw the paper aside.


Al Snow & Billy Corgan Backstage Segment: 

Snow vented to Billy Corgan about how you can’t just open doors and let anyone walk in here. Corgan said Snow is a producer and he broke Grado’s arm. Corgan said he respects tradition, but the bad news is that Snow is suspended for a week without pay. He said the brass expect Snow to issue a public apology.
Matt Hardy Backstage Promo: 
Hardy said that his brand is built being smart and resourceful. Tyrus slowly walked behind him. Hardy said Galloway stole food of his plate and his wife could only get four pedicures per week. Hardy said the show is named Hardy’s Revenge and he’s going to get his and take back the the title. Hardy turned and saw Tyrus and asked him if he was ready. Tyrus glared at him without responding.

Drew Galloway (c) vs. Matt Hardy w/The Matt Hardy Brand for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Hardy attacks Galloway from behind before the bell rings. Galloway with a boot to the guyt of Hardy. Galloway with a series of right hands to Hardy in the corner. Galloway connects with a stinger splash. Galloway with a flying elbow drop to Hardy for a two count. Hardy chops Galloway in the chest. Hardy sends Galloway to the corner. Hardy with a corner clotheslines and running bulldog to Galloway. Hardy with a legdrop. Galloway and Hardy exchange back and forth right hands on the ring apron. Hardy with a side effect that sends Galloway back first onto the ring apron. Spud attacks Galloway while Hardy is talking to the referee. Hardy launches Galloway over the steel ring steps at ringside. Hardy rolls Galloway back into the ring. Hardy with a elbow drop. Hardy with a series of back elbows to the back of Galloway’s head. Galloway chops Hardy in the chest. Galloway with a running forearm.

Hardy with a boot to the gut of Galloway. Hardy drops Galloway with a neck breaker for a one count. Hardy connects with another neck breaker, but Galloway kicks out at the count of two. Galloway exchange back and forth chops/jabs with Hardy. Galloway with a series of chops to Hardy in the corner. Galloway with a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Galloway ascends to the top rope. Hardy with a series of right hands to Galloway. Hardy with a gut wrench suplex to Galloway off the top rope. Hardy takes of his boot and selling his ankle injury. Spud goes for a flying crossbody, but Galloway counters with a exploder suplex. Hardy whacks Galloway in the face with the boot for a two count. Hardy goes for a flying elbow drop, but Galloway counters with the Future Shock DDT. Galloway goes for the pin, but Tyrus rolls the referee out of the ring. Jeff Hardy comes down to the ring with a steel chair. Jeff drops Tyrus with a Twist of Fate face first to the steel chair. Matt with a Twist of Fate of his own to Galloway for a two count. Hardy slaps Galloway in the face. Hardy goes for the Twist of Fate, but Galloway gets Hardy in the Iron Maiden and Matt taps out.

Winner: Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion Drew Galloway via Submission