TNA Wrestling changing locations and responds to cease and desist letter





In the beginning of May TNA will be moving their corporate headquarters from Cummins Station to the warehouse, the company has housed their operations out of. It’s being said that the move has been planned for sometime.

TNA has also responded to Justin Krimson Carnes’s cease and desist letter from last week. TNA does not feel that Carnes’ claims would hold up in court since wrestlers have worn face paint dating as far back as the 1980s with characters like The Road Warriors. They also said that there have been wrestlers with clown like features and the concept of pairing similar wrestlers in a stable is nothing new. A number of independent promoters have stated that it’s silly that Carnes is claiming any kind of copyright at all since he’s written TNA looking for bookings in the past and has described his character as like DC Comics’ The Joker. TNA will not be pulling Crazzy Steve or The Decay from TV.