WWE NXT Results: 04-14-16

Sami Shinsuke body

WWE NXT Results: 04-13-16:



Austin Aries defeated Angelo Dawkins

Austin Aries gets the advantage before getting worked over by Angelo Dawkins. Aries hits a missile dropkick and a roaring elbow for the victory.


Samoa Joe is backstage and says he’ll continue his warpath, and next week he’ll bring it to Apollo Crews.


Alexa Bliss defeated Tessa Blanchard

The announcers put over Tessa. She lands a really bad sloppy bodyslam.  Bliss quickly turns the tide with a forearm, and does the skateboard stomp. Blanchard comes back with more strikes, but Bliss catches her by the throat with an STO. Bliss’ moonsault knees gets the win.


Finn Balor is backstage and says he carries the NXT title with pride, and he’s going to stick around and watch the Shinsuke Nakamura wrestle. He knows Nakamura came for the title.



Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano defeated The Vaudevillains

Gargano lands a quick arm drag on Gotch, who is able to tag out. English comes in and is welcomed by a kick to the face. Gargano sends English outside and hits a suicide dive onto both of the Vaudevillains. English is able to stop Gargano in his tracks and work over his arm for a couple of minutes.

Gargano gets a tag to Ciampa, who cleans house on his way to a rope-hung reverse STO on English. Gargano takes out English with a dive and Ciampa applies the armbar on Simon Gotch to get the victory!



Baron Corbin defeated Tucker Knight

Corbin lays some strikes in until Knight gets a dropkick, a clothesline and a Thesz press. Corbin recovers and immediately hits End of Days for the win.


Enzo and Cass are backstage talking to American Alpha and congratulate them on winning the NXT Tag Titles. They challenge American Alpha to a match, which is accepted.



Bayley defeated Liv Morgan

Bayley applies an armbar and fives Liv’s hand. Morgan avoids a clothesline with the Matrix, but Bayley ends up elbowing her in the back. Morgan gets a handspring into a head scissors takeover. Bayley comes back to hit the inflatable elbows, but Morgan gets a bulldog. Bayley manages to get the Bayley-to-Belly to win.


After the match Bayley says she’s upset, but not to feel bad for her. She says she’s still standing and will continue to stand for the fans.




Shinsuke Nakamura defeate Tye Dillinger

The crowd chants He’s 11 at Nakamura, and it pisses Dillinger off. Nakamura gets a few knees in, but Dillinger superkicks him and applies a chinlock. Nakamura ducks another superkick and swings around with a spinning heel kick, followed by an enziguri. Nakamura feels the Good Vibrations, followed by a Kinshasa for the win.