WWE Raw Results from Philly 03-21-16

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WWE RAW Results 03-21-16 Live from my hometown in Philadelphia!!!!!!!!:




Stephanie McMahon kicks off Raw in the ring to address the crowd. Stephanie welcomes the crowd to Monday Night Raw. She tells us that Triple H will not be here tonight due to corporate responsibilities to WWE. It has nothing to do with Reigns’ attack last week. Reigns will never be champion again because he isn’t fit to be champion. Reigns music hits and he makes his way to the ring  threw the ramp way and not the audience.  I think they cut his entrance threw the audience from now on.

Stephanie point out that is funny that Reigns waits until she says Triple H isn’t going to be here to come down to the ring. Reigns takes the mic from Stephanie. Reigns says the real reason Triple H isn’t here is because he whipped Triple H’s ass last week. Reigns tells Stephanie that he will beat Triple H at WrestleMania. Stephanie tries to smack Reigns, but Reigns catches her hand. Reigns tell Stephanie that he is now the Authority.




AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens

Owens grabs a side headlock and wont let go. Styles reverses it but Owens responds with a few stiff elbows to Styles head. Owens grabs the side headlock once again. Owens flips Styles down to the mat, but Styles fights back to his feet. Styles whips Owens into the ropes and drop kicks him in the face. Owens rolls to the outside. Styles misses a moonsault but lands on his feet. Owens picks up Styles and tosses him into the barricade chest first.

Owens has Styles grounded in a rear chinlock. Styles tries to fight out of it, but Owens slams Styles to the mat by his hair. Styles pops up and takes Owens over with a head scissors, followed by a jumping enzguri. Styles crushes Owens with a reverse suplex into a facebuster for a two count. Styles misses the Pele kick and Owens explodes off the ropes with a lariat for a near fall. Owens misses the cannonball in the corner. Styles picks up Owens in a fireman’s carry into a neck breaker for another near fall. Styles sets Owens up for a top rope hurricanrana, but Owens hooks the rope. Styles lands right on his face. Owens dives off the top with a frog splash for yet another long two count.

Owens sends Styles into the ropes for the pop up powerbomb, but Styles hooks the ropes and elbows Owens in the face. Owens and Styles each hit a barrage of strikes. Owens super kicks Styles, but Styles immediately Pele kicks him.

Styles picks up Owens in a torture rack into a flapjack for another near fall. Styles goes up top, but Owens cuts him off. Styles ends up powerbomb Owens off the second rope for yet another close near fall. Chris Jericho comes out and distracts Styles. Owens rolls up Styles for the win.

Winner- Kevin Owens

After the match Kevin Owens ask the crowd who should face him at WrestleMania. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits and he says Owens should face him at WrestleMania. The Miz comes out and says Ziggler has no right to a title shot. It should be Miz who gets the shot. Sami Zayn comes out and Owens looks shocked. Zayn says with all due respect to Ziggler and Miz, he should be the one to get a shot at Owens. Owens bails out of the ring and says none of them deserve a chance at the Intercontinental title. Owens adds that he is going to go to the Authority and see fi they can get a triple threat match to determine who will face Owens at WrestleMania.



At a local bar which I believe was the Philadium? Not sure.  Dean Ambrose is ranting about how Lesnar doesn’t have what it takes deep down to beat him. The camera pans back and Ambrose is actually talking to The hardcore legend Terry Funk. Funk made ECW big along with Cactus Jack. The philly fans love the Funker, FUNK U.  Funk goes on a rant about how much he loves Ambrose. He said if he had a son he would want his son to be just like Dean and if he had a daughter and then just left it at that.  Classic Funk promo about him being middle aged and crazy even talked about having a feather coming out of his ass.  Funk is deranged and is sooo good with his promo’s. Funk says he has a gift for him. Funk gives him his chainsaw, bring back his time in WWE as Chainsaw Charlie.  Ambrose revs it up and starts cutting into a table to test it.

Backstage Owens walks into Stephanie’s office. Owens asks her if there could be a triple threat match later to see who the contender will be. Stephanie says okay.



The League of Nations are in the ring bragging about destroying the New Day last week. The New Day comes out and tells the League that they are trash.  A massive brawl between New Day and the League breaks out. The League ends up retreating. The official tries to calm everyone down so the intended match can start.



Big E. vs Rusev

Rusev rolls to the outside and Big E. follows him. Big E. tosses Rusev back in the ring. Big E. follows that with a one-man unicorn stampede. Big E. drapes Rusev on the apron and hits a running splash. After the break Rusev has a rear chinlock with body scissors on Big E. Rusev beats down Big E. with multiple stomps, kicks, and punches. Rusev hits the ropes and runs right into the belly-to-booty suplex. Big E. lands two more belly-to-booty suplexes. Big E. misses a running splash. Rusev almost takes Big E.’s head off with a running wheel kick. Rusev misses a savate kick. Big E. gets a near fall after a uranage suplex. Big E. misses the spear through the ropes.

Rusev kicks Big E. in the back of the head for another near fall. Rusev telegraphs a back body drop, which allows Big E. to finally hit the running splash. Barrett distracts Big E. long enough for Rusev to kick Big E. in the head once again. Woods takes out Barrett and Del Rio, but Sheamus clotheslines him out of his boots. Big E. hits the ropes as if he is going to spear Rusev, but Big E. spears Sheamus instead. Kingston kicks Rusev in the back of the head. Big E. gets back in the ring and hits the big ending for the win.

Winner- Big E.




The announcers plug the André the Giant memorial battle royal. Big Show comes to the ring and sucks up to the crowd. Big Show puts over André the Giant. Big Show says he is going to win the battle royal again this year. The Social Outcast comes out and trash talks Show. The Outcast attack Big Show. Kane comes out to make the save. Kane tosses all of the Outcast out of the ring. Big Show gets up and hugs Kane. Big Show gets on the second rope to celebrate. Kane grabs him and chokeslams him to the mat. The chokeslam looked awful!



Stan Hansen is announced as the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. For those of you who don’t know Stan Hansen and wondering why he’s inducted.  Stan is a true legend.  He got big in WWE, then went to Japan and became huge there. Nobody could touch him in Japan.  He is one of the only americans to score pinfall victories over Antonio Inoki and Giant BaBa.



Fandango vs Chris Jericho

Jericho is all over Fandango. Jericho is screaming about how Fandango didn’t actually beat him at WrestleMania. Fandango surprises Jericho with a few rights and lefts. Fandango sends Jericho to the mat after a leg lariat. Fandango misses the top rope leg drop. Jericho grabs Fandago’s legs for the walls of Jericho. AJ Styles comes out to distract Jericho. Jericho manages to hit the code breaker for the win.

Winner- Chris Jericho

After the match, Styles hits the ring and Jericho runs away. Styles grabs a mic and challenges Jericho to a match at WrestleMania.


Owens is in the ring. He introduces the competitors in the triple threat match. Instead of Sami Zayn, Dolph Ziggler, and The Miz Owens calls out Stardust, Sin Cara, and Zack Ryder. Classic heel move from Owens.



Stardust vs Sin Cara vs Zack Ryder

Ryder hits a top rope dropkick to Sin Cara for a near fall. Stardust tosses Ryder out of the ring and works over Sin Cara. Sin Cara lands a deep arm drag after a springboard to Stardust. Ryder pulls Stardust out of the ring. As Ryder and Stardust battle, Sin Cara takes them both out with a springboard moonsault. Zayn, Miz, and Ziggler come down to the announce desk to argue with Owens. Owens tosses Ryder into Zayn to cause a disqualification.

Winner- No Contest

After the match everyone gangs up on Owens.

Backstage Stephanie is on the phone. Owens burst in and tells Stephanie that she needs to handle what just happened. Stephanie gets upset and tells Owens he will face all six of the people who just beat him up in a ladder match at WrestleMania.



Backstage Stephanie is greeted by Triple H. They get in a vehicle to leave the arena. As the security gate opens Reigns is standing there. Reigns pulls Triple H out of the truck and beats him down. Triple H manages to run away and hop back in the truck. It pulls off and Reigns looks pissed off.




Charlotte vs Natalya

Natty and Charlotte trade kicks in the ring. Natty catches Charlotte’s foot and slams her down to the mat. Natty puts Charlotte in a surfboard hold. Natty stomps on Charlotte’s back before kicking her in the face. Charlotte rolls to the outside and jaws with Sasha and Becky. Natty follows her and hits a discus clothesline. Natty rolls Charlotte in the ring, but Charlotte hits multiple chops sending Natty tumbling to the mat. Charlotte goes for the corner ten punches but Natty picks her up and power bombs her to the mat. Natty slaps on the sharpshooter, but Charlotte gets to the ropes. Charlotte hits natural selection for the win.   I really love the series of matches Charlotte and Natalya have. They work very well together.

Winner- Charlotte



Bubba Ray Dudley vs R-Truth

Bubba Ray destroys R-Truth for a few minutes before Truth hits his corkscrew elbow smash. Truth hits a leg lariat and calls for the axe kick. D-Von gets on the apron to distract Truth. Truth runs into a big boot by Bubba for the win.

Winner- Bubba Ray

After the match Bubba Ray and D-Von beat down Truth. Goldust tries to make the save but the Dudleys beat him down as well. The Usos run in and super kick both Bubba and D-Von. The Usos put D-Von on a table and they both go up top. Bubba pulls D-Von off of the table.




Vince McMahon comes to the ring and grabs a mic. Mr. McMahon has an announcement to make about the hell in a cell match at WrestleMania. Mr. McMahon recaps the scuffle between Shane McMahon and the Undertaker last week. Mr. McMahon says Undertaker is his greatest creation and Undertaker is also his bitch. If Undertaker doesn’t win at WrestleMania, he will never compete at WrestleMania ever again.



Dean Ambrose vs Braun Strowman

Strowman tries to grab Ambrose, but Ambrose keeps moving. Ambrose lands a few jabs before being floored by a shoulder block. Strowman tosses Ambrose across the ring. Ambrose slaps Strowman in the face. Ambrose pulls down the rope and Strowman falls to the outside of the ring. Ambrose dives through the ropes with the running push. Ambrose goes to the well one time to many and ends up diving right into a forearm by Strowman. Strowman almost decapitates Ambrose with a clothesline.

Strowman applies a nerve hold. Strowman picks up Ambrose for a powerbomb, but Ambrose wiggles off Strowman’s shoulder. Ambrose hits a middle rope drop kick. Strowman misses a shoulder block in the corner. Ambrose rolls to the outside and grabs a chair. Ambrose hits Strowman in the head with it.

Winner- Braun Strowman (DQ)

After the match Ambrose wears Strowman out with the chair. Ambrose manages to hit dirty deeds on the steel chair to lay out Strowman.

Click here for Shane taker video
Click here for Shane taker video