WWE Smackdown Results: 04-14-16

AJ Styles

WWE Smackdown Results: 04-14-16:


Maryse introduces Miz for MizTV who introduces her as a guest. Maryse says that Miz is perfect, and that he’s a movie star, a champion and a role model. They kiss and are interrupted by Zack Ryder, who says Miz wears more makeup than Maryse. Ryder says he had his WrestleMania moment and he’ll get the title back, but Miz will lose it to Cesaro anyway. Ryder challenges Miz, but Miz says Ryder is facing Baron Corbin instead.

Baron Corbin  defeats  Zack Ryder

Corbin is dominant early, but Ryder lands a few strikes and a Broski Boot after Corbin moves away. Corbin hits End of Days to win the match.

Corbin continues the beatdown, but Dolph Ziggler makes the save. Corbin avoids a superkick and leaves.

Kevin Owens is backstage and says Sami Zayn is lucky he was kicked out of the arena Monday. Renee Young asks if Owens is threatening to get involved in the main event. Owens tells Renee Sami has known him for a long time and maybe she should ask Zayn what he thinks.

Emma defeats Paige

Emma promo where she says she used to be a happy, quirky girl and got rejected, only to see Becky Lynch embraced for it. She says she’ll show Becky that nice girls finish last. Paige lands a kick, but quickly falls victim to an Emma Sandwich. Emma lands a suplex and drops Paige across the top rope for the win!

Enzo and Cass come out and trash The Ascension and go through their usual promo

WWE Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinals
Enzo & Cass defeats The Ascension

Enzo grabs a headlock, but the Ascension quickly take control and knock Enzo to the outside of the ring. Enzo is able to get a jawbreaker on Konnor, dumps Viktor outside and posts Konnor before tagging in Cass. Cass slams Viktor and connects with the Empire Elbow, Stinger Splash and a big boot before a pin is broken up. Cass boots Konnor off the ropes and gets a Bossman Slam before the Rocket Launcher wins it.

AJ Styles is backstage and says he’s never been in the ring with anyone like Roman Reigns before, but Reigns has never been in the ring with someone like him either. Alberto Del Rio interrupts and says he wants to find out if the hype is real.

AJ Styles defeats Alberto Del Rio

Styles comes out of the gate with a lot of offense, including a dropkick, a big punt from the apron and a knee to the head of Del Rio. ADR gets a dropkick of his own, then tosses Styles into the barricade rib-first. Alberto Del Rio tries to capitalize, but ends up getting posted before eating a snap suplex from the former TNA Champion. We go to commercial after Del Rio delivers an enziguri and suicide dropkick.

Del Rio gets another enziguri, but Styles battles back and hits an Ushigoroshi. ADR comes right back with a backstabber. Styles gets a two count off of a Pele, but is crotched on the top rope, where Del Rio almost kills him with a reverse superplex. Del Rio goes for a double foot stomp and misses. Styles rolls up Del Rio for the win.

Goldust runs into R-Truth backstage and says they aren’t tagging tonight. Instead, Goldust is teaming with Fandango as Goldango. Everyone starts shaking their crotches.

WWE Tag Team Tournament Quarterfinal
The Vaudevillains defeats Goldango

Aiden English jumps Goldust and hits a mule kick. Simon Gotch is tagged in, but so is Fandango, who lands an enziguri and spinning heel kick. The Vaudevillains recover and quickly hit the Whirling Dervish for the win.

Chris Jericho is backstage and calls himself the greatest of all time, and says he’s going to make Sami Zayn feel the pain.

Primo and Epico Puerto Rico vignette.

Sami Zayn defeats Chris Jericho by DQ

Zayn gets the better of Jericho, and Kevin Owens comes out. Dean Ambrose follows, handing out ‘Ambrose Asylum’ flyers. Owens and Ambrose join commentary, and it’s total gold. Jericho takes control of the match, hitting a diving back elbow. Owens and Ambrose bicker back and forth and are totally hilarious as Jericho dropkicks Zayn.

Zayn makes a comeback with clotheslines and a flying body press. Jericho counters the Blue Thunder Bomb and gets the double underhook backbreaker for two! Zayn runs up the ropes and gets a two count off of a beautiful tornado DDT. Zayn is able to reverse the Walls of Jericho and land a bulldog. Zayn misses a Helluva Kick and is locked into the Walls of Jericho, but makes it to the ropes!

Zayn goes for a springboard and is knocked down before Jericho scores a suicide dropkick. Jericho attacks Dean Ambrose. Owens talks trash to Zayn, but Zayn back body drops him into Owens. They go back into the ring and Jericho smacks Zayn before getting exploder suplexed into the corner. Owens jumps Zayn, causing the DQ.  Excellent excellent match!