WWE Smackdown Results: 04-28-16




Roman Reigns comes out and says he and his friends aren’t fooling anyone. Instead The Miz comes out with Maryse and says he was the first one to reveal that AJ Styles was a scumbag. Roman Reigns knocks him out of the ring and hands the Intercontinental title to Maryse.



Sami Zayn, Cesaro & Kalisto defeats League of Nations by countout

Kalisto opens up with big kicks on Alberto Del Rio, but he’sattacked in the League of Nations corner. Kalisto tags Zayn, who catches Rusev with a running head scissors, but Sheamus distracts Zayn, allowing Rusev to kick Zayn for a two count. Del Rio hitting a backstabber on Zayn.

Rusev blind tags, and starts arguing with ADR. Now all three of them are arguing, and Del Rio leaves. Sheamus accidentally hits Rusev, who then leaves Sheamus all alone. Kalisto hits a springboard huracanrana and tags Cesaro for a running European uppercut and a cross body press. The uppercut express leads to Sheamus leaving for a countout.



Baron Corbin defeats Damien Sandow

Corbin beats the hell out of Sandow around the ring and hits the End of Days.



AJ Styles is backstage and says that on Sunday Reigns won’t be calling him liar, he’ll be calling him champ.



Dean Ambrose is out for the Ambrose Asylum, and says that Jericho made a mistake by releasing the Walls of Jericho on Monday and at Payback, he’s going to turn Jericho into meatloaf. Ambrose introduces Natalya, then Charlotte and Ric Flair. Charlotte says Natalya should be ashamed for parading Bret around after all he’s been through. Charlotte says it’s different because her father is legendary and her coach. Natalya says it’s time for a new era.


New Day come out and kick the whole announce team out.


Enzo & Cass defeats Social Outcasts (w/ Heath Slater)

Enzo hits a cross body, but then gets elbowed and attacked by Curtis Axel. The Vaudevillains come to ringside. Dallas is tossed outside and Cass gets the hot tag and dominates the Outcasts, leading to the Rocket Launcher for the win.



R-Truth is backstage with his phone taped to a tree branch. He tells Goldust he’s going to team with Breeze instead as Gorgeous Truth. Fandango tries to comfort Goldust by thrusting his hips in the locker room



Apollo Crews defeats Stardust

Stardust gets early offense and works Crews over until Crews makes his clothesline comeback that sets up a pumphandle powerslam for two. Stardust dropkicks Crews’ leg, but Crews recovers and gets the toss powerbomb for the pinfall victory.



AJ Styles is at ringside for the main event.

Roman Reigns defeats The Miz (w/ Maryse)

Roman Reigns sends The Miz outside of the ring early on and hits a drive-by, then stares down Styles. Miz takes advantage and jumps Reigns from behind. Miz lands a double axehandle and using the ropes to attack Reigns.

Reigns fights back, taking Miz down with a Samoan Drop. Reigns scores with a bunch of clotheslines, but Maryse pulls Miz out of the ring. Miz dropkicks the stairs into Reigns’ knees, then DDTs him in the ring for a two count. Reigns hits a spear and pins Miz.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson jump Reigns as Styles watches. The Usos make the save and also attack Styles. Gallows takes a spear for Styles, but Styles gets tossed out of the ring going for a Styles Clash on Reigns.


Miz body